Financial Aids

Freshmen or students who are studying at DTU can borrow money with the lowest interest rate from bank system as the regulation of the Education and Training Ministry. Each student can have a maximum loan of 800.000 VND/ 1 month (nearly 8 millions for 1 year). The procedure to have a loan is very simple with financial aid forms. Students borrow money with a preferential interest rate of 0.5% per month. The loan will be paid back to the bank after students graduate from the University.

For students who are studying Software Engineering and Information System with the tuition of 3.000 USD/ 1 year have a support from DTU by paying half of the tuition (1500UDS/1 year). Besides, three IT companies: DDT Hanoi, LacViet (Ho Chi Minh City) and Enclave (America) offer to lend students 750 USD/ 1 year. Students just pay 750 USD for each academic year and the loan borrowed from these three companies will be paid after their graduation.

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