Students who apply to study any major at DTU can receive scholarships depending on the result in their University entrance exam. The amount of the scholarship varies from 1 million to 5 millions. DTU’s Management Board will consider to the order of the application forms to grant scholarship in some special cases.

There are 50 scholarships available for students who apply for Software Technology and Information System under CMU’s standards. Of which, 10 scholarships are offered by Boeing Airway and DTU offers 40 scholarships. The value of each scholarship varies from 1000 USD to 150 USD.

Depending on their academic achievement each year, students can have chance to be considered for scholarships by DTU from 500.000 to 3.000.000 VND. DTU also has relationships with some domestic and overseas organizations in offering scholarships to students such as: “Nguyen Truong To” scholarship by Vietnam Health Education & Literature Projects, “Star of January” scholarship, “Talent of Vietnam” scholarship…..

The total value of scholarships awarded in academic year 2009 is up to 1 billion VND. It can be said that DTU is one of the Universities in Central Vietnam which offer policy to grant valuable scholarships to students. This is a present of DTU’s Management Board give to those who get high academic achievement to encourage them in studying.

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