Tuition and Policies

For those students who are beneficiaries of: Hero of the People’s Armed Force, Hero of Labour in the War, wounded soldiers, children of people who contributed in the war or those who are martyrs, wounded soldiers, sick soldiers….can receive a financial aid in tuition fee varied in academic levels. Together with the policy above, DTU also aids students in expenses from 180.000- 355.000 VND per month. Besides, students can receive 300.000 for stationeries each year.

The Management Board of DTU also has policy to reduce tuition fee for students who live in remote, poor areas, those who are studying 2 Universities at the same time, or those who are children/ siblings of DTU’s staff, etc. All of these cases will be considered to have an appropriate policy to have a financial aid in tuition fee if they have some documents or certificates as DTU’s requirement.

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